CCF – Pakistan


Christian Care Foundation (CCF) is a non-government organisation registered under societies act XXI of 1860 since 2004. CCF was formed by a group of like-minded social activists, to serve the suffering humanity and vulnerable groups in Pakistan and CCF always works for everyone deserving and needy without any kind of discrimination. CCF is, an organisation that purely strives for the equal human rights, promotion of humanity, compassion and protection of the rights of the vulnerable as well as activities to meet the aims of SDGs. We, particularly focus some of the most disadvantaged groups (women, youth, labour communities, small enterprises n daily labourers and religious minorities etc.

We, work in partnerships with different Government departments at provincial and federal Government level. We work, in close coordination with Department of Human Rights and Minority Affairs Punjab as well as Federal Ministry of Human Rights Pakistan. We regularly keep on organizing different programmes/consultative seminars and awareness raising walks, especially for the human rights promotion & Gender equality and interfaith harmony and we usually conduct these seminars and programme in Government schools, colleges and Universities and other prominent institutions and public venues. These events are held to increase awareness among student as well as for General Public, to prepare them as responsible and well aware citizens of our beloved country. We also work for the rights of the consumers and community’s rights as well as advocacy efforts for effective policy and strategy development and requesting solid actions on the issues.

Following is the crust of our activities

CCF & its team’s mission is to always strive to enforce the activities and efforts to:
  • To act as Human Rights Defenders and fight against all kind of violations of human rights.
  • have world free of human rights violations and inclusive society for all especially, for the marginalised and downtrodden groups or people among the society.
  • Empowering communities to live with greater independence and freedom from poverty, disease, and hunger through socio-economic empowerment
  • Work for women development, empowerment and further growth of women groups through capacity building and enterprises development
  • Disaster Service and preparedness to respond to all kinds of disasters and emergencies.
  • Skills Development and Enterprise Management Training
  • Alternative Energy and Environmental Protection
  • Agriculture strengthening farmers capacity building Programmes
  • Interfaith harmony, peace and stability
  • Welcoming Volunteers and Internees to offer services for Health, Literacy, Community Development, capacity building, data collection/ research and other related and useful programmes.