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We believe in “Rights-Based Society” considering equal rights for all human beings without any discrimination. Ensuring Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural rights for religious minorities in Pakistan; Right to education for all, particularly girls’ education; Women empowerment and Gender Equality (Ending all forms of gender-based violence and discrimination; Right of everyone to a just and democratic society and response in emergencies and natural disasters to provide immediate basic necessities, rescue, and rehabilitation of affected communities.

Transferring power in the Hands of Community.


In order to achieve its organizational and social endeavors, CCF works on multiple social tiers including but not limited to the following:

  • Grassroots NGOS/CBOs, like-minded groups and network of NGOs across the world.
  • Partnership building, advocacy,networking and lobying with the government institutions to support them in achiveing their goals.
  • Learning events-Seminars, conferences, capacity building trainings to enhance the institutional and professional capacities of communities.
  • Development and distribution of Information, Education and Communication materials.


Our Partners