About us

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Christian Care Foundation is a non-government organization (registration number RP/1794/L/S/04/772) registered under Societies Act (XXI of 1860) of Government of Punjab, Pakistan by a group of like-minded people who got together to serve the suffering humanity and vulnerable groups. It strives for equal human rights for all the communities living in Pakistan, particularly of some of the most disadvantaged groups like religious minorities, women, youth, and children. These vulnerable groups are deprived of and too often subjected to a violation of fundamental human rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), and as guaranteed in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Christian Care Foundation is a thought translated into social actions. The issues concerning religious minorities, women and children are at the heart of these social actions. We promote non-discrimination, equality and religious tolerance. We make meaningful and long-term interentions for protecion of rights of the target communities. In all of our activites, we aim to achieve Sustainaible Development Goals.

Chrisitian Care Foundation is a social invitation to all individuals, social groups, NGOs, and government authorities to take collaborative and coordinated actions, instead of working in social vacuum. Given the framgmented structure of the society, we intend to reach on many fronts, rather focusing on  one specific social issues to create a social balance in the society. At one hand, we create push factor (mobilization), on the other hand, working with the like-minded organizations (NGOs network, government institutitutions), we aim to create a pull factor in order to pull the communities out of their common social challenges. In project design and implementation level, we follow ‘push and pull factor’ approach.

What We Do

We believe in “Rights-Based Society” considering equal rights for all human beings without any discrimination; Ensuring Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural rights for religious minorities in Pakistan; Right to education for all, particularly girls’ education; Women empowerment and Gender Equality (Ending all forms of gender-based violence and discrimination; Right of everyone to a just and democratic society; and response in emergencies and natural disasters to provide immediate basic necessities, rescue, and rehabilitation of affected communities.

Transferring power in the Hands of Community

How We Do

In order to achieve its organizational and social endeavors, CCF works on multiple social tiers including but not limited to the following:

  • Grassroots NGOS/CBOs, like-minded groups and network of NGOs across the world.
  • Partnership building, advocacy,networking and lobying with the government institutions to support them in achiveing their goals.
  • Learning events-Seminars, conferences, capacity building trainings to enhance the institutional and professional capacities of communities.
  • Development and distribution of Information, Education and Communication materials.